Joke opportunity:

Wil Wright to Work on New FOX TV Show

Wil Wright, as I'm sure you are aware, is the creator of the domestic-sim game The Sims, as well as other Sim titles. Now, I don't play The Sims, because The Sims is for scary control freaks or bored housewives. I did tech support for EA for a while, and Sims calls were the only ones where people were actually crying becuase they had to "kill" (delete) their sim-familes due to file corruption.

So, if you are an avid Sims player, you can make a humorous comment about the above article by commenting that the show Wil Wright is involved in creating will feature people who behave in some manner characteristic of The Sims. Such as: "It's going to be a sitcom where everyone speaks gibberish!" See, that wasn't very funny, since I don't know that much about Sim behavior, but you get the idea. Replace that with some aspect of the game that a true Sims fan would understand and identify with and voila, instant humor.

Here are a few more scary things we've heard Sims callers say, all true (reportedly).
"Are there going to be animals in the new Hot Date expansion?"
"How come you can't make them sleep with the children?"
"My son was playing this game, and two guys kissed each other! If he ends up a fag I'm going to sue your asses off!"
"When I installed the game, I clicked on 'English', but they're all speaking Spanish/Chinese/French/etc.!" (Happens a lot.)


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