In case you haven't read yet, a study was recently completed indicating that people who played action-oriented video games showed an increase in their ability to quickly pick out significant details in scenes, tune out irrelevant distractions, and quickly identify symbols. Oddly enough, these are the same skills that typically one needs to succeed in action-oriented video games. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but this study shows that the more you play video games, the better you get at the skills which the game requires to succeed.

So, the more you play games, the better you get at them. All right! Give those guys another grant for proving that practicing something makes you better at it!

Of course, some of the skills which apply to gaming also apply to other fields, such as being a soldier, a short-order cook, or a pilot. I'm just not sure why people need research to prove these things to themselves. One may as well do a study of lumberjacks to see if chopping wood improves upper body strength. Every activity requires certain skills, the more you practice that activity, the more you will improve those skills. Seems like common sense to me.


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