Well, the game which consumed nearly every waking moment of my life for 3 months is out on shelves today. I'm pretty much giving the title away by mentioning this, but eh, so what. Okay, fine, it was Enter the Matrix, and if you'd heard how on our case they were about total secrecy, you'd know why I didn't want to mention it. Now that the game's out, though, I can tell you a few things you may not otherwise notice.

!!!!*OMG* !!SPOILERS!! *OMG*!!!

If you are playing it and you look hard enough, you'll find: The number 420, a Hence the Name billboard, and swordfighting cars. No that is not a typo.

We're being taken to see the film tomorrow, and even after spending so much damn time on the game, I am still really pumped to see the movie. Expect a full rundown of criticisms, complaints, and snide observations which will hopefully effectively mask my total psychedness for watching skin-tight leather-clad people fly around and kick each other, blow things up and shoot guns.


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