So, in the next Terminator film, T3: Rise of the machines, the human resistance of the future once again sends back an old-model T-800 (which somehow has managed to age 20 years since its first appearance.) to do battle with yet another prototypical robotic killing machine sent into the past to kill John Connor. Last time it was the T-1000, but this time it's the T-X. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this mean that Ahnold will be battling the Terminator X?


Oh no wait... apparently the T-X is just a hybrid of the Endoskeleton-based T-800 and the melty-melty T-1000. On the plus side, she's a robo-babe. And you know what everyone has to do when they go back in time in the Terminator universe? That's right, get nekkid. Sweeeeeeet.


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