E3 is just about upon us, and though I will not be attending, a couple major titles on which I will be working are going to be shown there, so don't blame me for any bugs you find.

Although I'm sure it's fun to go and see all the incredible titles that the coming year holds, I think it would be more fun to take a peek at all the potential flop titles in the $5 per square foot booths. Gamerfeed reports that an Eminem Video Game will be on display. Apparently it's a music video video game. So now Eminem officially joins the ranks of Marky Mark, C+C Music Factory and Kriss Kross, all of the "Make my Video" series fame.

What you've never played those games? Oh, maybe it's because they FUCKING SUCKED. Chances are this will too, except maybe the music will be marginally better.


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