Early on Sunday morning, Ami and I returned from a marvelous birthday bash hosted by Magellan house for internet diva Min Jung, among others, all of whom were Bloggers, and one of which who used to be the CEO of Blogger. Accounts of the party are all across the web right now, but the sites of those who have the most interesting stories to tell are incriminatorially silent.

I feel kind of strange at MJ's parties, because typically I hang out primarily with people I already know and meet about 2 or 3 new people. Considering that her parties are about 90 percent people I don't know, that's pretty anti-social. I mean, I know their websites, but I don't know them. I think I hold a weird place in the Bay Area Blogging community. I know a fair amount of established internet celebrities, many of whom are typically in attendance when Magellan house throws down, but I don't really participate in the online community portion of the whole thing.

Ernie's main man Mike masterfully manipulated much marvelous music. There was another DJ there as well, but uh... I dont' remember his name. He was good too, though, but he didn't play any Young MC.

I got hit on by one gay dude, it happens when you dance like I do. I'll let you in on a little secret, when I drink even a little and someone plays hits from the 80's, I get extremely gay on the dance floor. Know this: If you learn just one dance, learn the Running Man. At any party, I can automatically make people go, "Go white boy Go white boy!" by busting out with that dance. Plus, it's totally easy.

Anyhow, this fellow, Ami and I were all getting our groove on collectively by midnight. It's great to have a gay pal on the dance floor, because he can dance with your girl while you're off getting a drink or talking to someone. It'd be a pretty good racket for a really gay straight guy too... hmmm...

All in all, an excellent party. Excellent music, excellent house, excellent food, excellent people, excellent hula hoops, excellent time.

Now that I think about it, I made it through this weekend without any ganjatacular indulgences. I did, however watch both "Spirited Away" and "The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T" which has about the same effect as sticking one's head into a bucket full of high-grade lysergic acid.


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