You passed level: Iraq - Saddam Hussein 2003

Level Score:
Combat Casualties: 85
Accidental/Friendly Fire Casualties: 45
Civilians Killed: 2000+
Enemies Captured: 7000+
Enemies Killed: Unknown

Primary Mission Objectives:
Bring an end to Saddam Hussein's Regime: Successful
Pave the way for the American Corporation-led rebuilding of Iraq: Successful

Secondary Mission Objectives:
Kill President Saddam Hussein: Failed
Prove link between Iraq and terrorist organizations: Failed
Uncover weapons of mass destruction: Failed
Re-establish bond of trust with UN countries: Failed
Make an even marginal effort to convince anyone that this was ever about freedom for the Iraqi people: Failed

Overall Invasion Rank : C

Challenge Next Level: Iraq - Generalissimo Jay Garner - 2011


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