Since I've been spending a lot of time waiting for things to load, writing down fatal errors, and waiting for consoles to reset, I've been spending a lot of time poking around on the net, and trying to find a few new blogs to read. One which I've discovered and have found much to my liking is Maddog, which features long articles pontificating on user interface, language structure, and various other subjects.

I especially like the lyrics he wrote for My Heart Does Not Love You.

I am notoriously rational and full of disclaimers, even when it comes to expressing affection. I like to think that my clinicalness is sort of poetic, in a way, but I just feel funny telling someone something that isn't totally empirically proveable. For instance, I will often add the disclaimer "Unless something terribly unforeseen happens." to casual phrases such as "See you later!" or "I'll be there soon!"

So I can't very well tell someone that I really care about things that simply aren't true. I don't run around telling people that I would give them all the stars if I could reach them, or that I would climb the highest mountain, or that I would walk 500 miles and then 500 more for them. My ex-girlfriend would tell me that she loved me with all her heart. I could never return the same sentiment, for though I loved her, I knew, rationally speaking, that my heart does not determine my emotional state. So I would generally reply that I loved her with my brain, or more often, "I love you with all of whatever it is I do my loving with.", which sounds kind of dirty in retrospect.


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