I am now living in Irvine, working on a project about which I can tell you nothing, sorry. I will, however, try to keep this thing updated with whatever thoughts or tales of life experience, if I have any free time for thinking or having life experiences.

The drive down was quick, save for a brief bout with stop-and-go-ness on 405. So, I consider waiting in traffic very analogous to waiting in line for an event, such as a ride at Disneyland or a movie, and if I'm waiting in line for an event, I expect the payoff at the end to be worth the wait. Thus, if I'm waiting in traffic because of some accident that everyone needs to slow down for, I expect the accident itself to be pretty spectacular. For the amount of time that we waited in line, I was hoping for at least and upside-down car, half a car, or a car on fire. We did get to see a sideways car, which is pretty cool, because when you think about it, that's probably rarer than an upside-down car, and much better than no accident at all.

I'm currently writing this on my poor computer, stripped of peripherals and internet connectivity (and somehow now stuck in 640x480 resolution), and planning on transferring the text via disk to work, where I can post it up really quickly as I check my e-mail. I'm not sure if I should sew the diskette to the inside of my sleeze or if I should tuck it into my pants waist at the small of my back, they rarely look there. I know, I'll do one of each.

I've just returned from racking up the largest sushi bill I have ever seen 4 people accrue from a place at the Irvine Spectrum. A word on the Irvine Spectrum: Bling. We're on the company's tab, though, so it ain't no thang, bring on the $15 jalepeno rolls! I know it's gross, but it's the most expensive thing you got! How about you write my family name on hundreds of pieces of rice, roll it around a piece of dolphin and then wrap that in the deed to Hearst Castle? How much would that cost? (or diamond-stuffed lobster?)

My suite is pretty nice. I get a little kitchen with a hobbit-sized fridge (it's great, it's just like a 3/4-scale regular fridge, so I feel like 8' 4" when I walk up to it. When I win the lottery, all the stuff in my house is going to be this size! (Except the toilet and the TV)), and a range and a plastic plany and all that. The bathroom has a mirror behind the toilet, so that one may watch oneself urinate, which is great, because I'm really into that. Best of all, I'm the only one living here, I can take go #2 with the bathroom door wide open, jump on the bed in my underwear or whack off at the TV.

And boy can I ever whack off at the TV! I get, like 20 whole channels! And some of them even have shows that I've heard people talk about! I'm kind of scared, though, because I just know if I start watching these things, I'm going to want to get cable when I get home.

Oddly enough, the TV does not have any RCA jacks, only coaxial! Fortunately, I brought my Sega Genesis. By now my co-workers have probably encountered this problem with their next-gen Xboxes and PS2's and cannot play anything until they buy a converter, but I can play Sonic the Hedgehog ot my heart's content. Who's laughing now, I ask you?

On the minus side, I'm going to really miss all of my friends, and Ami, and my family, but not San Jose... Sorry San Jose, but you suck.

Oh, and the drapes are printed with a pattern of grapes, apples, cherries and magnolias. Why the fuck would anyone want fruit salad drapery? I guess they match the green, gold, navy blue and fuschia bedspread. Gag. Is there some rule that hotel rooms must be composed of godawful printed fabrics? Is it somehow cheaper than just white or blue-grey (which would be my choice, the carpet could even stay.) fabrics?

Jeez, I'm complaining about the drapes. Okay, time for bed.


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