Okay, a few more quick things on The Matrix Reloaded and then I'll be done.

If I could have added just one thing to Reloaded: In the scene wherein Trinity and The Keymaker jumped from the overpass onto the top of the motorcycle transport, I would have liked to see a shot of Trinity shooting the chains holding the motorcycle in place. It was not explained how the chains restraining the motorcycle were removed, and I know this is the most nitpicky thing in the world, but hey, there you go.

I was glad to see that the bullets in Reloaded were just bullets, i.e. the shell casings did not come flying out of the guns, too. Fanboys the world over are cheering that move, I'm sure.

I predict that, in the next 3 months, at least 14 new club tracks will feature samples of Morpheus "We are still alive!" speech. Personally I'm looking forward to grabbing Persephone's "What are you worried about? It's just a sample.", or Trinity's imperative "Sample this." I mean... she asked me to!

I wonder if the jacks that go into the brain holes on the back of the "jacker's" head actually touch any organic matter, or if the brain hole plug thing is entirely sealed. I hope it's the latter. Seems like you could get some gnarly diseases from using a dirty jack.

Another thing I'd like to see addressed in Revolutions: Construct addicts. Zionites who want to experience a more pleasant locale than Zion but who don't want to deal with the dangers of the Matrix, and thus hang out in constructs all the time. Or perhaps programmers who create simulated versions of real-life people for constructs. Kind of like Digital Underground's "Sex Packets". I mean, wouldn't a pirated version of Trinity or Neo sell big in Zion? There must be some entrepenueristic programmers ready to take advantage of such a demand. Of course, they could always save that kind of stuff for the television series.


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