I spent last week at the Children's Oncology Conference in Chicago, showing off our game to all the attendees. We had a pretty sweet booth with a plasma TV showing a DVD montage and a demo of the game running and everything. I'd say it was the flashiest booth there. People had a hard time believing we were giving the game away for free, especially the pharma company reps.

Oh yeah, and we had an article about the game in Wired. So hip and cutting-edge, man.

I've got to say having no mountains or hills must have really inspired Chicago to come up with some amazing architecture. All the buildings from the 30's and 40's look awesome, and all the buildings from the 70's are awesomely silly. And the buildings from the 80's... well, there are lot of them.

They really need to pave over Lake Michigan and make it into an airport, though. The distance to the airport is Tokyo Narita-esque. I bet the cab driver's union won't let them though. I know it's fun to pretend to be a coastal town, but if you can't even drive bootleg liquor over it in the winter, what's the point of such a big lake?


At 12:40 PM, Anonymous kc! said...

So link up the game and the Wired review already! Your fans have spoken!


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