Funny thing about the new Blogger is I don't seem to be able to title entries anymore. That really doesn't bother me, since in the past I'd post up a two-sentence brain fart and then stare for minutes trying to think of a clever title that didn't really make sense out of context, but would seem hilarious once the viewer read the entry.

Of course, I don't have readers any more either, so the point is kind of moot.

Anyhow, I went on a bike ride to Alviso this past weekend, the lovely run-down town that most people don't even know exists just to the north of San Jose. It's actually quite nice along the marshes that lead to teh SF bay. Multiple floods have left behind a few run-down warehouses that have collapsed on themselves, creating that urban decay that I love so dearly. That, combined with some decrepid boats along the shore make for quite a picturesque scene.

So, I thought to myself that all the rusty boatiness and crumbling brick would make a bitchin place to be at night with headcrab zombies crawling up out of the muck into the sights of one's shotgun. Thus when I returned home I fired up the Half Life 2 editor, since I apparently don't have enough unfinished projects on my plate.

Now, I haven't touched a level editor since Wolfenstein 3D, though I have used some 3d modellers. I just wanted to see how difficult it was to use. Fortunately, it's got a convenient wiki page, and with the help of a tutorial I managed to crate a large dark red cement room with zombies in it. It's quite user-friendly, but creating a whole level, even with all the texture and entity assets pre-made, would be quite a task. I may yet give it a shot once Little Pythagoras and the new album are done.


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