The "Little Pythagoras Deluxe" development process is pretty unusual.

1. Sketch puzzle design during meeting at work
2. Do basic proof-of-concept
3. Script puzzle
4. Shoehorn puzzle into plot

Aside from the gameplay development prcoess described above, there is the "polish" phase, which falls is scheduled to the time between working on puzzles.

1. Become frustrated with trying to script something
2. Obsess over small details of something else

Of course, one should normally plan everything out ahead of time, but this works for me since this game is meant to be mostly a tech/talent demo. "Gone Tomorrow" (the next project) is going to actually be outlined and written ahead of time with a design doc and all that jazz.

Today I scripted an aqueduct puzzle, involving rotating secitons of an aqueduct to guide the flow of water to certain areas. I was under the impression that the Romans invented aqueducts, but I looked it up on wikipedia, and like pretty much everything else, the Greeks did it first. In fact, one of the Greek aqueducts existed on the island of Samos, where Pythagoras lived, no kidding.

Of course, it was a tunnel, and didn't have rotating sections, but hey, if you want historical accuracy, read a book.


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