Once again, it's time for the part where Ken gets to feel superior to a banner ad:

The irony is just monumental.

"Hey! I've got an IQ of 140! I should totally click that radio button! After all, Einstein needs to know!"

Let's see. If the viewer already knows their IQ, then why would they need a free IQ test? Why no interstitial numbers like "142", or ranges like "100-110"? What's up with all the ads pretending to have functional check boxes, text fields or radio buttons when it's obvious to everyone that the whole thing is just one big image? Why is Ken obsessing maniacally over a retarded banner ad and writing in the thrid person?

Because he is bored.

(Okay, I admit the only thing that stopped me from clicking it is that it didn't have an option for "178". (I don't really have a 178 IQ, I just wanted to impress Albert.))

Orrrrr maybeeee... the banner ad itself is an IQ test!! hhhmmmmm... sheer genius.


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