I just received this enlightening e-mail from Jake of 8bitjoystick regarding my earlier rant on subtitling:
There is no Japanese track for the Vampire Hunter D Blood lust DVD because the movie was never dubbed in Japanese. The Japanese film makers thought it would be
cool to have the movie in English and subtitled in Japanese for the Japanese film audience. go figure. It is one of the only anime movies made specifically for English.
My opinion on this film's choice of audio and subtitling has thus done a complete 180. That is awesome. Since all of the characters are pretty much... well... white, it makes sense that they would be speaking English rather than Japanese. I wish American filmmakers were this sensible. I'm so tired of seeing native foreign-language speaking actors who are playing native foreign-language speaking characters addressing each other in stunted English rather than simply using their native language and having subtitles.

So, I recall my former rant in regards to Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. My rant on the notion that subtitles are not important in video games still stands.


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