NYE - Went to a party called "Skullfucking the Chillroom", which was so fucking mellow that it was insane. Okay, maybe not that mellow, but pretty damn mellow nonetheless, certainly mellow for a party with the word "Skullfucking" in the title. It was a nice intimate party and a great space and the people were very cool for the most part. Props to all involved.

Speaking of skullfucking. What the hell is "skullfucking" anyhow? I'd always thought it involved popping out someone's eye and then doing them in the eyesocket, but then I'd heard it was the simple act of fellatio with more involvement on the suckee's part, shall we say, but then the party stickers showed a penis being inserted into a hole in the side of a skull, which seems like a pretty literal interpretation.

Well, at least during the night we did manage to define a "Captain Hork", which is the consumption of Red Bull, Vodka, and botanicals. It's more pleasant than it sounds.

Only partied until 1am because Ami and I felt that we had the decision of either entering phase 2 of the party process, which would certainly have involved the consumption of mind- and mood-altering substances, primarily the remainder of the Red Bull and Vodka that we brought, or stopping at phase 1 and going home to sleep. We chose the latter, and thus our New Year's Day was spent being nicely coherent and well-rested, which I think is a good start to the year.


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