Now any FPS enthusiast can earn money for playing games all day, just like me! Except, unlike me, you have to be good at them. Youplaygames.com allows folks playing Return to Castle Wolfenstien to bet actual cizzash on their in-game performance

This site seems likea great idea to me. Now people can finally put their money where their mouth is. It'sa shame I've been out of the online FPS loop for so long, but maybe I'll pick up a copy of RTCW for this. It seem slike they have the system set up well, with payout depending upon the rank of the player you frag and your own rank. You can also earn money for performing helpful actions for the team and reviving other characters as a medic. Entry fees for games can be as little as a nickel apparently, so low-stakes players are not left out, and you can even play for free. The site requires the user to have PunkBuster installed, which I imagine means that the Punkbuster creators get paid somehow. However, when actual money is at stake, I wonder how long before someone comes up with a way around that?

Seems like a very promising prospect if it works as planned, but there are numerous ways in which it could go wrong, and when money's involved, thigns can get sticky. Either way, one thing's for sure, lag is going to suck more than ever.


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