There are few things more amusing than observing people on message boards argue fiercely and endlessly over subjective matters. My current favorite is the battle between those who hate Manos: The Hands of Fate and those who hate From Justin to Kelly in the battle to determine who will sit at the bottom of imdb's bottom 100 films of all time. People are encouraging each other to vote a "10" on the opposing film, just to keep it out of the bottom slot.

However, I know they're both wrong. The worst film I've ever seen is Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid (Zeisters), which not only features Aushwitz jokes, but gets my vote for the simple act of false advertising. The VHS box cover art features a bemohawked girl in a bikini and a helicopter, neither of which appear in the film, and, to top it all off, the titulat "fat guy" does not "go nutzoid". Worst. Movie. Ever.


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