Donals Rumsfeld says the Iraq occupation will cost about $3.9 billion (NYT reg required)per month.
General Tommy Franks says that the Iraq occupation could last four more years.
American troops are being killed at a rate of about 1 each day.

I know there are other mitigating factors and that things will most likely change, but if I could just do some easy math, that comes out to:

$187.2 billion
1460 American soldiers dead

Another little bit of easy multiplication I can do generates this:

$6000 (Gratuitity paid to families of soldiers killed in combat) X 1460 = $8,760,000

$8,760,000 Compared to $187,200,000,000, it doesn't seem like that much, does it?

More Iraq war math fun:

The population of Iraq is about 21 million (mid 1997) If we paid each person in Iraq an equal share of the prospective occupation budget, we could pay them all about $185 a month. Maybe we could bribe them into getting along for the next four years. After all, 185 $US is a hell of a lot of money in Iraq.

(Note, the real world is more complex on paper, arithmetic in the proper hands cn be dangerous. I don't actaully think any of these numbers are accurate, but still, makes you think, don't it?)


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