Correction: Nearly everyone in Northern California is an idiot, too, myself included.

I wen tot the grocery store the other day, and when I went to get my credit card out of my wallet, I realized I had left it at home. Embarassed, I told the clerk that I accidentally left my credit card at home, but it was just a couple blocks away, would he mind holding the things I had (just a quart of milk, quart of OJ, sour cream and avocados) behind the counter while I drove back and got it? And he gave me a look, that chills me, to this day. Like I just told him I left my credit card at his mom's house, where I was using to pay his mom after I busted a double horizontal on her ass or something.

Anyhow, he made his grumpy face at me, and the bagger working his register put my stuff behind the counter, and I drove home and got my card. When I returned, the guy had already had his register taken over by the next person. I explained the situation, and he cheerfully checked me out.

I don't know wha tthe other guy's deal was, I mean, of course I did something pretty idiotic, but I don't think I've ever seen a clerk get mad about something like that. His shift was over anyhow, he didn't even have to deal with actually checking me out. I guess I feel that I've cheerfully dealt with enough idiots in my time in customer service that I deserve a little idiot credit. It's not that tough to pretend like something's not a big deal, sheesh.

Ahhh, I can feel the rants swelling up in my bosom once again. Now I'm off to a hardware store and fast-food establishment. Maybe this trip will earn me some new material.


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