Boy, I wish I had something exciting to write about that wasn't work-related. All the most interesting things going on in my life currently are protected under NDA.

Well, Netflix seems to think that Passenger 57 is the most popular rental in Irvine. I'm guessing they still have a few bugs to work out of their system. But then, I've never seen it. Maybe there's something about that really appeals to Irvinians.

Today Ami and I are going to go hiking in Bommer Canyon. It's our first real hike since we've been here. We've gone down the fire road which borders the campus next to our place, which is handy for getting to restaurants, but it goes through between the strawberry field, so sometimes the road is covered in horrible bugs. I am thankful, however, that we have strawberry fields so close to our place. Sometimes you can even smell the strawberries rotting.


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